Are you struggling with anxiety, depression or trauma?

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Thom Kessler

Marriage & Family Therapist,
Registered Addiction Specialist

"As a therapist, I bring my education, life experience and clinical training to help guide our work. I combine these powerful tools with a willingness to suspend judgment, think creatively, and remain truly engaged to develop new perspectives and skills that move you toward creating the life you want."

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How I can help you?

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Are you struggling with anxiety, depression or trauma? How well do you adjust to changes or transitions in your life? What is your core belief about yourself? Do you find yourself worthy or “good enough” especially when you compare yourself to others?

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Are you experiencing difficulties in your relationship - feeling disconnected and alone? Do you find it difficult to repair your conflicts and issues? Has your trust been violated? If you have children, are you and your partner united in your parenting approach?

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Is your family being confronted with issues and challenges that are disrupting and damaging family unity? Could your family benefit by improving communication and resolving conflicts within your family to improve relationships between family members?

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Is your teen experiencing a problem with school, peers, family conflicts, divorce or substance abuse? Are they becoming more oppositional defiant? Do they find it challenging to transition from one developmental stage to the next? Are they depressed or overly anxious?

Pressures on Today's Teens

Take a closer look at some of the pressures your teen faces today, and learn how you can help.

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